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From Episode 14’s official net web page:
“…A historic episode, this, that includes not one however two huge releases from Nintendo themselves, + … we lastly transfer into the yr 1987! I am going to undoubtedly include with some type of 1986 debriefing/1987 introduction, however that might want to look forward to subsequent episode. Episode 14 is just full of an excessive amount of Eight-bit goodness/weirdness to slot in any extra content material. You even get a bonus recreation! There are 16 as an alternative of 15 this time.

This episode has a reasonably densely packed launch schedule – 12 video games launched between 12/19 + 12/26. Publishers have been clearly making an attempt to get some product on the cabinets earlier than the yr’s finish, whatever the high quality…

Back to enterprise! This episode’s gold medal goes to:

Hikari Shinwa – Palutena no Kagami AKA Kid Icarus

Produced by Gunpei Yokoi, Hikari Shinwa (actually “Myth of Light – The Mirror of Palutena”) is kind of a comply with as much as Metroid. However, whereas Metroid targeted on exploration + merchandise gathering in a big, non-linear setting, this recreation is extra motion based mostly + simple. Most ranges are utterly linear, although often vertically oriented. …Hikari is certainly not the basic that Metroid was, however nonetheless manages to be a strong, enjoyable + sometimes very troublesome platformer. One main difficulty is the curiously inverted problem degree. Your character Pit begins off very weak, with virtually no assault energy + a brief life bar. As Pit obtains new weapons all through the sport he steadily modifications into an unstoppable killing machine. …Regardless, Hikari Shinwa nonetheless stands heads above the opposite video games this episode.

Other titles of notice:


…Layla nonetheless manages to be a barely higher than common run-and-gun recreation. It contains a Samus Aran like area chick who blows via numerous asteroid/area station ranges, killing every part in sight + … weapons + ammo. TONS of weapons + ammo… At a time when Castlevania’s two weapon system was nonetheless recent + new, the power to modify between a dozen or so weapons appears method forward of its time…


Taito ports their often-copied arcade hit to the Famicom, full with a particular rotary controller. Unfortunately, Konami had simply launched a really cool Arkanoid copycat referred to as Nazo no Kabe (coated in Chrontendo Episode 13). Arkanoid’s major power/weak spot is the particular controller. Having the controller permits you to extra replicate the arcade expertise, without having the controller renders the sport nearly unplayable.

Seikima II

OK, OK! So Seikima II just isn’t a great recreation! It continues to be the wackiest recreation this episode, + thus earns an honorable point out. The Famicom debut from Sony… Seikima II is predicated on a… Japanese rock band that was widespread within the 80s… The recreation itself is a reasonably normal platformer…

The Legend of Zelda 2 – Link no Bouken/Zelda 2 – The Adventures of Link

The final recreation coated this episode within the famously disappointing Zelda 2. The black sheep within the Zelda household… The Adventures of Link radically alters the method that made the primary recreation one of the crucial profitable titles for the Famicom. …Judged by itself deserves, Zelda 2 is an effective, however flawed recreation. Compared to its predecessor, nevertheless, it could’t assist however be a let down.

This episode’s brown medals go to:

Cosmo Genesis/Star Voyager

This Star Raiders clone from ASCII provides a couple of new parts to the formulation, however nonetheless suffers from poor execution…

Tatakai no Banka/Trojan

After releasing a string of early classics akin to 1942, Commando + Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Capcom unleashed this dud. A side-scrolling futuristic beat-em-up, Trojan merely fails to seize the magic of these earlier titles…

This episode’s completely puzzling recreation:

Moeta Princess – Puzzling Zelda-like journey recreation, heavy on the Japanese

The Rest:

Toki no Tabito: Time Stranger – Very easy textual content journey recreation from Kemco.
Electrician – Another oddity from Kemco, this can be a port of an previous Atari pc recreation.
Dragon Buster – Port of Namco’s ahead-of-its-time fantasy themed arcade recreation.
Hi no Tori: Wagaou no Bouken – A licensed property from Konami, based mostly on an Osamu Tezuka manga.
Mahjong Goku – The third Mahjong recreation for the Famicom. It will not be the final.
Crazy Climber – Port of Nichibutsu’s arcade basic, which requires a particular controller.
Family Trainer: Running Stadium – Another recreation in Bandai’s Family Trainer collection.
Labyrinth – Action journey recreation based mostly on the Henson/Lucas movie. This Tokuma Shoten
launch is totally totally different than the LucasArts recreation, + is probably developed by Atlus!

As all the time, Chrontendo Episode 14 could also be downloaded at right here: ”

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