Python for science, side projects and stuff!

Andrew Lonsdale
There are many critical the reason why Python is a superb language for scientific analysis however on this speak I’ll suggest an alternate cause; Python is nice for scientific analysis due to all the opposite non-scientific issues you are able to do with it!

Research knowledge can take a very long time to generate, and researchers might by no means know when sure programming expertise will probably be wanted. Since you’re going to procrastinate on side projects anyway, utilizing Python in these side projects is a good way to enhance your expertise till they’re wanted. Using my very own experiences in computational biology analysis, I’ll undergo how using Python for net scraping and knowledge visualisation in a number of diversions, distractions and different side projects finally helped my analysis.

I’ll additionally define how the general-purpose nature of Python can come in useful for educating and outreach, and how packages like Django can permit for effectively creating infrastructure round analysis knowledge and evaluation. There is extra to analysis than doing analysis, and extra to scientific programming in Python than the standard suspects in SciPy. In this speak I’ll argue that utilizing Python for side projects and harebrained schemes is important preparation for all the different professional causes to make use of Python to unravel scientific issues.

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