PBR Battle 102 / Sam [OU] vs. OnionGravy64 / The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Antar1011

Here’s the story: I used to be nearly to wrap up PBR battling for good once I noticed that OnionGravy64 was going to be having one of his “coffee sessions” the place he’d be accepting challenges. After Gigatitan, OnionGravy was in all probability the most important identify in PBR [edit: or, at least narrated PBR], so *of course* I needed to battle him. He even stated he’d be cool with Little Cup, although it might be his first Little Cup battle EVER (MMLFrostyPixie was just a little jealous that I took his “LC virginity,” as I recall). So we had what turned out to be an EPIC battle, which I gained narrowly. It was such a great battle, I used it as my PokeMoshPit audition video, and based mostly on the power of that battle and my narration, I obtained sufficient constructive suggestions that they made me a director! Cool!

But so, after the battle, OnionGravy needed a second match, this time one thing simple like OU. Now, I used to be coming down off a reasonably large adrenaline excessive at this level (that battle was SUPER intense), however I wasn’t about to show him down. So I performed like crap. Made some actually poor selections. And thus, I’ve this video, which might DEFINITELY not make the reduce for PokeMoshPit.

Still, hope you possibly can take pleasure in it!

Link to my opponent’s channel:
Link to his model of the battle: His PVR crapped out, so it is truly *my* aspect of the battle, with choice screens reduce out, with him narrating overtop.
Link to our epic LC match:

…and I feel that is sufficient hyperlinks for in the present day.

Oh, and welcome, new subscribers! You guys pushed me over the 1,000 and 1,024 subscriber marks! (I’ve a KiloSub!)

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