Brothers reunited – soundtrack for Mordraud, Book One

Soundtrack for chap. 32, Mordraud – Book One: BROTHERS REUNITED
Can you be my brother, if I’ve to kill you?

More information right here:
The first novel is free on Amazon:
Available in English and Italian.

Music produced, composed and performed by Fabio Scalini, writer of the ebook serie: “Mordraud”.
Map design: Lurockia Studio

I’m not a musician, though I used to be prior to now. I’m only a novelist. When I write, I want tracks that assist me work, however I don’t all the time handle to seek out the proper sound. So I made a decision to compose and play my very own music, to make use of it as environment to my tales. This right here is an excerpt from my repertoire.
Pieces like these are the artistic foundations to my characters, their tales and their intertwined fates.
Fabio Scalini (Italy), writer of the Mordraud saga.

This track is the perfect soundtrack for the chapter 32 of Mordraud, Book One –

Licence: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivs Unported

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