Episode 153: Thin Blue Lies: How Pretextual Stops Undermine Police Legitimacy (with Jonathan Blanks)

What’s a pretextual police cease? When do police want your consent to a search, and are these searches unconstitutional? Is there a struggle on cops?

Jonathan Blanks joins us this week to share his findings on how police searches disproportionately have an effect on minorities.

Show Notes and Further Reading

Jonathan Blanks’s “Thin Blue Lies: How Pretextual Stops Undermine Police Legitimacy” seems in Volume 66, Issue four of the Case Western Reserve Law Review.

Here’s a earlier Free Thoughts episode with Blanks on police misconduct.

Listeners can also have an interest on this Free Thoughts episode with Adam Bates and Matthew Feeney on how new applied sciences are altering regulation enforcement.

Blanks mentions this text by George L. Kelling and James Q. Wilson within the March 1982 difficulty of The Atlantic, which originated the “broken windows” concept of policing.

Aaron mentions watching the 1971 Don Siegel movie Dirty Harry, starring Clint Eastwood.

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