Nearly Squish (25th October 2011)

About 17:40 on the 25th October, it is getting darkish, and that is when a fluorescent jacket is only.

Here a lorry driver comes awfully near flattening a bike owner, both turning with the plan of stopping to let the bike owner move, assuming he had time to show, or (I feel most certainly) not noticing the bike owner earlier than beginning the flip.

I feel if I might been the bike owner I would just have let him go.

There was no excuse. Lights and hi-vis imply the driving force could not (should not) have missed him, and the pinch level is fairly apparent. The bike owner did nothing incorrect, although he ought to have been additional out, and the driving force did right the error.

But it ought to by no means have occurred.

It’s value mentioning for stability that he stored what seemed like a long way down the remainder of the street and, although he seemed like he considered it, did not try a silly overtake.

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