Bloodbath Kavkaz : Notline Miami (Stilted Combat, Frustrating Gameplay, Numerous Glitches)

Bloodbath Kavkaz is a lackluster try on the top-down brawling mayhem that was Hotline Miami. Does it examine? No. Not in any respect. The music, graphics, and gameplay are all beneath the par when in comparison with Dennaton’s brutal masterpiece.

Does this make Bloodbath Kavkaz a nasty recreation? In a variety of senses, it’s. But there’s a glimmer of a great recreation simply begging to get out. Of course, that would simply be the brutalized corpse of Hotline Miami with a unclean sock stuffed in its mouth. BLOODBATH KAVKAZ!!

Bloodbath Kavkaz is out there on Steam:

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Jump into the environment of Moscow night time and insane fight. Breathtaking storyline and rancid shawarma – that’s what awaits you in Bloodbath Kavkaz.

Bloodbath Kavkaz is an action-packed Top-Down Action based mostly round russian tradition, telling the story of Caucasian ex-killer named Shamil Rakhmanov. After a automotive crash Shamil will get within the palms of a mysterious stranger, who presents him a deal he cannot refuse. Shamil should discover and kill the chief of Moscow legal syndicate, who is known as Jafar, earlier than the dawn, or else he’ll die. Being determined, Shamil begins his blood-filled method into the depths of Moscow night time, the place he’ll meet all of the horrors of russian trendy tradition and remedy the good conspiracy.
Violent shootouts, slo-mo, thrilling non-linear story and rancid shawarma – all of that await you in Bloodbath Kavkaz. Drink yazhka, break doorways down, kill the untrue, nothing stops you in that recreation.

First of all, graphics are horrible. I feel that devs make sprites in Paint. Game mechanics aren’t snug. Hotline Miami was a lot better. Storyline is very dumb, it is all about russian memes and videobloggers. Boring. -Hyperchaotic

Terrible recreation, horrible controls, scary worth ($7.49 at full). I am simply glad I acquired this in a bundle and it had buying and selling playing cards. When my 2+ hours is completed, and I’ve all of my playing cards, this shall be promptly faraway from my onerous drive and Hotline Miami will probably be performed to flush out the ♥♥♥♥ that’s ingrained in my thoughts. -Robdaine

I might moderately have a cactus in my ♥♥♥, and alcohol poisoning than play this poorly made Hotline Miami Ripoff.

The graphics are horrible (Movement particularly) motion is buggy, and clippy. The music is repetitive, and tries to be just like the Hotline Miami soundtrack (But miserably fails) The native language is Russian, and there are methods to get round that, so I actually could not care much less. But the translations are in all probability accomplished in bing (Which explains how terribly translated it’s)

I price this recreation 1/100. The 1 is as a result of I purchased this in a thriller bag for ten cents, and may promote the playing cards for greater than I paid. -Gervant of Riverside

Hotline Miami rip-off, however clunkier, with none significant substance and full of low-grade memes.
And on prime of that, it’s marketed with options that are not even remotely current within the recreation. I am speaking about sandbox mode, survival mode, multiplayer and degree editor. They are all put in Extras menu and labeled as “Coming soon”. Which, I presume, principally means “Coming never, haha, screw you” — after Rick Roll intro it undoubtedly feels that means. -zetsuboushita

For these curious, the sport performs like hotline miami… sorta. There is not any language specifiv dialogue (i converse english and spanish) to be discovered within the story itself, and so perhaps if i spoke russian it will make me snicker alot extra, however i someway doubt that. If anybody biligual can let me know if its humorous, i am genuinely . Don’t purchase this out of curiosity, there are too many bugs, and it performs like an unfinished recreation, as a result of it’s one.

I purchased this when i used to be drunk to have senseless hotline miami ripoff enjoyable. I’m an enormous neo-80’s nerd, and inebriated me was truthfully excited to play a humorous wanting clone of my favourite recreation. This ♥♥♥♥ is so dangerous although, the ♥♥♥♥. I can not even get previous the primary scene with out becoming bored. It’s very sluggish, buggy, and so on, and so forth. I’ve a mid degree laptop computer, and i’ve by no means had hassle operating The Forest, Rust, CounterStrike and different video games, so you possibly can think about my complicated when the body fee dropped dring a ♥♥♥♥ing isometric MS paint wanting shooter. There isn’t any good cause this recreation ought to play so poorley. I do know i used to be wasted, and this in all probability contributed to my lack of enjoyable and understanding. But in the event you nonetheless really feel compelled to purchase this recreation, simply know that it isn’t “open world” it has no “level editor” and the sport lied to make it look like it was value shopping for. That’s pathetic and you shouldn’t help builders who push out this half ♥♥♥♥♥ shit. -JohnStuartChill

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